Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions of use (“Terms and Conditions”) are a legal agreement between you and us or entity who is registering for access to use the service of go4edu.in. These terms and conditions govern our respective rights and obligations with respect to your access and use of the service of go4edu and the associated electronic documentation by clicking the acceptance button or accessing or using the service through our websites www.go4edu.in , you are agreeing to be bound by all of the terms and conditions.If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions, go4edu is unwilling to grant you access to or use of the service. In such event, do not click the acceptance button or access or use the service.These Terms are effective as of the moment the Customer establishes an account with the Provider and are due to change from time to time at the discretion of the Provider. 1. Products and Services Provided the customer abides by the terms and conditions set forth, the provider agrees to offer the customer an account on one of its online testing services on private server. In the event of a planned change in the provider’s network or infrastructure, the provider shall use reasonable efforts to notify the customer in advance. The customer agrees to provide current and accurate identification at the time of account registration. The customer is responsible for all content hosted on their account and agrees to notify provider in the event of unauthorized account use or security breach. go4edu will not take responsibility for any loss or damage arising from your failure to provide provider with accurate information or to enforce account security.The terms under which the provider provides services to the customer is strictly between the provider and the customer; no third party beneficiary intended nor permitted hereunder. The terms shall confer no rights in any third party except as may be otherwise expressly agreed to in writing by the provider. The provider respects the privacy of the content of the customer and shall take utmost care to safeguard any illegal usage of the content posted.This Service is dependent on certain other factors such as network, servers and third party tools. If any unforeseen situation occurs in any of these, we would try our best to fix the issue but would be vulnerable to any external factors which are beyond our control.In case the software behaves odd and the user gets any error, we would try out best to resolve it in the shortest time as we understand the critical nature of the exam related issues.2. TermCustomer agrees to a year to year term for the services starting on the date of the order. The yearly services when is due for renewal, we would inform customer well in advance about the renewal date. Customer would be given a week’s time as a grace period after the anniversary date is passed, customer may cancel their account by sending provider an email regarding their wish to terminate the account.The Provider shall have no obligation to refund any fees paid in advance by the Customer.3. Acceptable Use Policy1. Prohibited Content and ActivitiesEmail Spam – usage of our services to transmit email spam, junk mail, return address and mailing lists.Hacking – usage of hacking, IP scanning, denial of service, or any other perpetration of security breaches or attempts to interfere with service of another network or server. Intellectual property – infringement of intellectual rights, including violations of copyright, trademark, or patent rights Fraud, violation of privacy rights, dissemination of deliberately offensive material, and illegal activities of any kind. 2. False Information.Your name, email and contact information must be correct, go4edu reserve the rights to block your account if any false information found.3. Misuse of System ResourcesNo Multiple accounts will be entertained under one organization. If there is any multiple account creation under one organization name the first account will be kept active the later accounts will be automatically blocked without any prior notice.The number of attempts in the free account will be 50 tests only. Please make sure there will be no extension given under any circumstances to any client in the number of attempts per month even for any pilot testing to be done.4. Account Cancellation The customer is responsible for the cancellation of their account, backing up their data, and deleting their information. he customer may cancel their account at any time through the client account administrator area. At the time that the customer cancels their account their will be permanently disabled.5. Governing Law This agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of india any dispute shall be heard exclusively at the local court of the address of the provider (See Point# 6).6. Regulatory Information Go4edu.in is a product of “SGM Technologies“established in noida UP - India with PAN Number AEYPC4818C.
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